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Humic Acid Suppliers Produce Granular for Soil considtioner, Extracted from natural high grade Leonardite/lignite, high biological activity and rich organic matter, improving and adjusting soil PH value.

Humic Acid Suppliers Produce Granular for Soil considtioner

Humic Acid Suppliers Granular is a natural mixtuer of organic macromolecular compounds that is widely found in nature. 

Humic Acid Suppliers Granular 's main components are C, H, O and a small amount of N and S, and there are many functional groups. It can directly promote crop growth and increase crop yiled. It is widely used in agricultural production.


1. Improve soil structure, promote the formation of aggregates, coordinate soil water, fertilizer, gas and heat conditions, and can not only aerate, but also retain water without compaction;

2. Enhance the ability of soil to maintain and supply fertilizer, maintain strong ability to maintain fertilizer, reduce the loss of effective nutrients, and provide fertilizer for a long time, so that the fertilizer effect of various quick-acting nonsense is changed from "violent, violent, short" to "slow, stable and long" ";

3. Improve soil pH value and reduce the side effects of toxic factors;

4. Provide nutrients required for microbial life activities, promote the reproduction and activity of microorganisms, and enhance microbial activity;

5. Improve the efficiency of chemical fertilizers, humic acid is combined with nitrogen, the yield increase rate of nitrogen fertilizer can be increased by about 10%, and the utilization rate of phosphorus can be more than doubled;

6. It can germinate early and improve the germination rate and emergence rate of seeds. Soaking seeds with a certain concentration of humic acid can germinate 1-3 days earlier and increase the emergence rate by 10%-25%;

7. Promote rooting and improve the water absorption capacity of the root system, soaking the roots with humic acid, the crops will take root quickly, the number of roots will increase, the root weight will increase, and the nutrient absorption capacity of the root system will be enhanced;

8. It can enhance the development of reproductive organs, bloom early, increase pollination rate, increase grain weight and fruit weight;

9. Enhance the stress resistance of crops, use humic acid crops to resist cold and drought, and significantly enhance the ability to resist diseases and insect pests;

10. Stimulate the growth and development of crops. The use of humic acid can enhance the activity of various enzymes in crops, improve the ability of crops to absorb water and nutrients, enhance the metabolic capacity of crops, accelerate growth and development, mature early and improve quality.

Guide dosage:

Lawn: 50-70 kg/mu per year; tees and fairways: 30-70 kg/mu per year.

Storage: Please place in a ventilated and dry warehouse.

Packing: 25kg plastic woven or kraft paper bag.

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