X®Humic Acid Liquid Organic Fertilizer
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organic fertilizer suppliers humic acid whose main active ingredient is physiologically active humic acids, which have a large spectrum of biological action, are environmentally friendly and safe to use


X®HUMIC ACID Liquid is extracted from natural high active leonardite. It is a kind of excellent bioactive growth stimulant and soil conditioner with high purity humic acids. Suitable for sandy and clay soils. It can be applied to all agriculture and horticulture plants. It is produced by Organic fertilizer suppliers X-Humate with Organic Certificate. 


In 200L Drums or IBC


For Soil:

§ Prevent fertilizer run off, keep effect of fertilizer

§ Modulate entironment of microorganisms

§ Improve water holding capacity and aeration

§ Increase the fertility of soil, intenerate soil

§ Increase soil aggregate structure

§ Boost effect of phosphoric acid

§ Prevent soil acidification

§ Reduce salinity of soil

§ Adjust soil pH value

                          For Plant:

§ Enhance resilience of fighting cold, drought, insect and lodging

§ Improve tensility of root, make plant absorb better.

§ Enhance crop physiological activity

            X-Humate is one of the best Organic fertilizer suppliers, established in 2002, we are professional manufacturer of humic acid, fulvic acid, potassium humate, sodium humate, seaweed extract. We have Organic fertilizer suppliers Organic certificate OMRI, CERES, and REACH certificate for EU market. Welcome to send your inquiry for more details!

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