Sodium Sulphide Red Flake

Sodium Sulphide Red Flake

Sodium sulfide is an inorganic compound and pure sodium sulfide is a colorless crystalline powder. 


Sodium sulfide is an inorganic compound and pure sodium sulfide is a colorless crystalline powder. 

Sodium Sulphide Red Flake

Product descriptions:

Sodium Sulphide

CAS No.:1313-82-2

Molecular Formula: Na2S

HS CODE: 2830101000

UN No.: 1849

Appearance:Red Flake


Fe150ppm max
water insolubles0.30%max




1. In the dyestuff industry, sulfur dyes are used as raw materials for sulfur blue and sulfur blue. The printing and dyeing industry is used as a dyeing aid for dissolving sulfur dyes. In leather industry, it is used for hydrolysis to dehairing raw leather, and for preparing sodium polysulfide to accelerate the soaking and softening of dry leather. The paper industry is used as a cooking agent for paper. Textile industry is used for denitrification of man-made fibers, reduction of nitrates and mordants for dyeing cotton fabrics. Pharmaceutical industry is used to produce fenacetin and other antipyretics. In addition, it is also used to produce sodium thiosulfate, sodium hydrosulfide, sodium polysulfide and so on.

2. Adding appropriate amount of sodium sulfide to alkaline etching solution of aluminium and alloy can improve the surface quality of etching, and can also be used to remove alkali-soluble heavy metal impurities such as zinc in alkaline etching solution.

3. Sodium sulfide can also be used for the treatment of conductive layer in direct electroplating. Colloidal palladium sulfide can be formed by the reaction of sodium sulfide and palladium to form a good conductive layer on non-metal surface.

4. Used as corrosion inhibitor. It is also the raw material of sodium thiosulfate, sodium polysulfide and sulfur dyes.

5. Used in the manufacture of sulfur dyes, leather dehairing agents, metal smelting, photography, denitrification of rayon, etc.

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